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JACK Programmable Pattern Sewing Machines

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Quick overview

Programmable Pattern Sewing Machines

JACK PROGRAMMABLE PATTERN SEWING MACHINES - Electronic pattern Sewing Machines for a variety of custom pattern sewing applications


  • JACK JK-T1310 Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine with 130mm x 100mm Sewing Field

  • JACK JK-T2210 Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine with 220mm x 100mm Sewing Field

  • JACK JK-T3020 Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine with 300mm x 200mm Sewing Field

  • JACK JK-T5030 Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine with 500mm x 300mm Sewing Field

  • JACK JK-T6035 Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine with 600mm x 350mm Sewing Field

  • JACK JK-T8010 Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine with 800mm x 100mm Sewing Field

  • JACK JK-T10040 Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine with 1,000mm x 400mm Sewing Field


JACK Pattern Sewing Machines


Machine Brand MACHINE BRAND: JACK Pattern Sewing Machines
Sewing Machine Model MACHINE MODEL:

JK-T1310 / JK-T2210 / JK-3020 / JK-T5030 / JK-T6035 / JK-T8010 / JK-T10040

Sewing Machine Description MACHINE DESCRIPTION:

The JACK product line of Programmable Pattern Sewing Machines offer you a totally customizable platform for all types of pattern sewing applications from the smallest to the largest size.

Machines are available in 7 different field sizes and the selection will be fitted to your particular sewing requirements.  From smaller Box-X machines all the way to tray-loaded multi-item sewing applications - the JACK line of pattern machines offers you the ultimate capability and efficiency for low and high volume automated production.

All machines are outfitted with LCD Touch-Screen control panels and programmers so you have FULL CONTROL of pattern creation, pattern recall, pattern adjustments, and multiple settings to comply with particular sewing processes.

All machines are built with quality mechanics and electronics providing a complete, controlled environment for your production.

The JACK line of programmables offer you a capable, full function pattern sewing platform with substantial savings.  We understand the scale of investment to purchase one of these machines and are ready to work with you in - number one - providing you the most capable machine for your sewing needs and - number two - providing you the absolute best value for your investment.

We can supply you these machines in two different options:

1. Purchase the machine as is supplied by the factory, complete with head, table, stand, LCD programmer, standard factory clamp - FULLY ASSEMBLED and ready to sew upon arrival.

2. Purchase the machine turn-key.  Sames as Option 1 above PLUS custom patterns, custom clamp(s) fabricated, installed and tested per your custom sewing applications.

Contact Sunny Sewing at 1-800-228-0001 for machine details, standard pricing and customized application turn-key pricing. 


Techical Specifications TECHNICAL SPECS: Technical Specification for each particular model will be provided with the quotation during the exploration process.


Sewing Machine Setup MACHINE SETUP:

This machine ships complete and fully assembled - ready to sew upon arrival.

It includes:

  • Machine Head
  • Table Top
  • Heavy Duty Stand
  • Control Panel
  • Standard Clamp
  • SERVO Motor
  • LED Light
  • Manuals
  • Extra needles, bobbins, and tools.


Sewing Machine Voltage MOTOR & VOLTAGE: Most of these machines are supplied with 220 Volts Single Phase drive systems.  110 Volt conversion may be possible on some machines.
Sewing Machine Warranty WARRANTY: 1 Year Warranty
Sewing Machine Sale Price SALE PRICE: Contact us at 1-800-228-0001 for pricing and details on individual machines.
Sewing Machine Shipping Cost SHIPPING COST: To be determined depending on machine class and ship-to location.
Delivery Time DELIVERY TIME: Contact us for details.
Sewing Machine Parts Manual PARTS MANUAL: Printed copy comes with the machine


JACK Pattern Sewing Machines

JACK Pattern Sewing Machines

JACK Pattern Sewing Machines

JACK Pattern Sewing Machines

JACK Pattern Sewing Machines

JACK Pattern Sewing Machines

JACK Pattern Sewing Machines

JACK Pattern Sewing Machines





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