Amann Bonded Polyester Thread T-210 / V-207


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Choose an option
Nat. White 7003U
Creme 7600U
Sunflower Gold 7466U
Ochre 7477U
Orange 7800U
Toboggan 7890U
Magma 7904U
Red 7905U
Burgundy 7997U
Black Cherry 7983U
Pacific Blue 8421U
Mediterranean 8403U
Royal Blue 8578U
Marine Blue 8555U
Navy 8566U
Forest Green 8847U
Seagrass Green 8857U
Dark Olive 7567U
Sand 7680U
Sandstone 7622U
Olive Brown 7654U
Beaver 7582U
Saddle 7719U
Nutmeg 7762U
Brown 7765U
Bay Brown 7793U
Storm Grey 7077U
Cloudy Sky 7069U
Pearl Grey 7070U
Shark Grey 7090U
Charcoal 7115U
Med. Steel 7113U
Graphite 7182U
Black 7020U


Amann Serabond 30 Thread – T-210

***Colors can vary because of screen color settings***

You can request a free PDF color chart or you can order a hard copy for $13.99 HERE


Bonded Polyester Continuous Filament

High-performance bonded special sewing thread for outdoor applications.

Extremely durable.

Resistant to untwisting and therefore suited for multi-directional sewing.

Outstanding UV resistance due to special dye-stuffs.

Weathering test according to ISO 4892-1 and ISO 4892-2.



  • T-210 / V-207
  • Bonded Polyester Thread
  • 5,000 yards
  • 16 oz. Cones
  • Needles 18-21



This thread can be used for many applications and it is ideal for many outdoor applications, such as:

  • Leather goods
  • Bags, Purses, Belts, Backpacks
  • Upholstery (Automotive, Furniture, Marine)
  • Webbing
  • Canvas
  • Vinyl



Additional information

Amann Bonded Polyester Thread T-210 / 207

Nat. White 7003U, Creme 7600U, Sunflower Gold 7466U, Ochre 7477U, Orange 7800U, Toboggan 7890U, Magma 7904U, Red 7905U, Burgundy 7997U, Black Cherry 7983U, Pacific Blue 8421U, Mediterranean 8403U, Royal Blue 8578U, Marine Blue 8555U, Navy 8566U, Forest Green 8847U, Seagrass Green 8857U, Dark Olive 7567U, Sand 7680U, Sandstone 7622U, Olive Brown 7654U, Beaver 7582U, Saddle 7719U, Nutmeg 7762U, Brown 7765U, Bay Brown 7793U, Storm Grey 7077U, Cloudy Sky 7069U, Pearl Grey 7070U, Shark Grey 7090U, Charcoal 7115U, Med. Steel 7113U, Graphite 7182U, Black 7020U


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