KANSAI SPECIAL FX-4404P 4 Needle Cylinder Bed Chainstitch Machine for Attaching Elastic

4 Needle Cylinder Bed Chain Stitch Machine for Attaching Pre-Closed Elastic



KANSAI SPECIAL FX-4404P / PMD Four Needle Cylinder Bed Chain Stitch Machine for Attaching Pre-Closed Elastic | Elastic Sewing Machine

KANSAI SPECIAL FX4404P Elastic Attaching Machine


Machine Brand MACHINE BRAND: KANSAI SPECIAL Logo- Sunny Sewing
Sewing Machine Model MACHINE MODEL:

FX-4404P (PMD)

Sewing Machine Description MACHINE DESCRIPTION: The KANSAI SPECIAL FX-4404P is a FOUR needle cylinder bed double chain stitch sewing machine for attaching pre-closed elastic on a variet of garments – most notably athletic short, warm-up pants, underwear and other similar items.

This machine can also be ordered with the elastic Metering Device – the PMD subclass designation.

The following models are available in the FX4404 series:

FX-4404P (PMD) – 4 Needles –

This machine can be ordered with 3/16 or 1/4 needle gauge.
Please see the spec sheet below for more details.


Techical Specifications TECHNICAL SPECS: Technical Data

See spec sheet below 
Sewing Machine Setup MACHINE SETUP: This machine ships complete and fully assembled – ready to sew upon arrival.

It includes:

  • Machine Head
  • Table Top
  • Heavy Duty Stand
  • SERVO Motor
  • LED Light
  • Manuals
  • Extra needles


Sewing Machine Voltage MOTOR & VOLTAGE: This machine is equiped with a SERVO motor operating on standard 110 Volts power.
Sewing Machine Warranty WARRANTY: 1 Year Warranty
Sewing Machine Sale Price SALE PRICE: CALL 1-800-228-0001 FOR QUOTE
Sewing Machine Shipping Cost SHIPPING COST: Commercial / Business Address = $240.00

Home / Residential Address = $295.00

Delivery Time DELIVERY TIME: SPECIAL ORDER ONLY.  May take 7 to 14 days for delivery.
Sewing Machine Parts Manual PARTS MANUAL: Printed copy comes with the machine


Elastic Attaching Machine - KANSAI SPECIAL FX4404P

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