JUKI LK-1920 Shape Tacking Machine with Presser Foot | 100mm x 60mm Sewing Field

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100mm x 60mm (4″ x 2.4″) Programmable Shape Tacking Machine with Presser Foot


JUKI LK-1920 Programmable Shape Tacker with Presser Foot | Pattern Sewing Machine with 100mm x 60mm Sewing Field (4″ x 2.4″)

JUKI LK-1910 Electronic Shape Tacking Machine

Machine Brand MACHINE BRAND: JUKI Industrial Sewing Machines
Sewing Machine Model MACHINE MODEL:

JUKI LK-1920

Sewing Machine Description MACHINE DESCRIPTION: Just like the JUKI LK-1910, the JUKI LK-1920 is a programmable shape tacking machine with a sewing area of 100mm x 60mm or 4″ x 2.4″ WITH an integrated Presser Foot.  This extra presser foot helps you sew thicker materials with tighter weaves as the presser foot comes down with the needle to hold the material down and eliminate any puckering or pull ups through the clamp opening.  This mechanisam is also suited for sewing smaller patterns than the clamp opening as it keeps the material from shifting. This machine can be ordered in subclass “S” for standard weight and subclass “H” for heavy weight.

The machine can be programmed via JUKI software and the patterns can be stored on a chip (EEP-ROM).  Pattern recall and adjusments can be made on the electronic control panel that accompanies it.  If you need the flexibility to create and design multiple patterns on the fly, the JUKI LK-1930 comes with the on-board programmer to make that task possible.

This particular machines comes with an open, factory made clamp and no pre-programmed patterns are included.  Sunny Sewing can supply you a turn-key platform with custom clamping and programming to fit your particular sewing applications.  Contact us at 1-800-228-0001 for details.

The machine is of the highest quality in both machanics and electronics – keeping true to the overall JUKI brand reputation as the global leader in quality.  Super-smooth, almost flowing sewing motion coupled with exceptional stitch quality assures that your products are sewn fast, have a strong bond, and look fantastic.

Please review the enclosed images for full details, technical specs and optional equipment in regards to the JUKI LK-1920 shape tacking machine and call us at 1-800-228-0001 for purchasing and custom set-up options.


Techical Specifications TECHNICAL SPECS:
  • SEWING FIELD:  100mm x 60mm (4″ x 2.4″)
  • MAX SPEED:  2,500 SPM (Stitches Per Minute)
  • PRESSER FOOT:  Present
  • STITCH LENGTH:  0.1mm x 10mm
  • NEEDLE BAR STROKE:  41.2mm
  • FEEDING FRAME (CLAMP) LIFT:  22mm Electromagnetic Selenoid, 25mm Pneumatic (Air)
  • HOOK:  Double Capacity Hook


Sewing Machine Setup MACHINE SETUP: This machine ships complete and fully assembled – ready to sew upon arrival.

It includes:

  • Machine Head
  • Table Top
  • Heavy Duty Stand
  • Control Panel
  • LED Light
  • Manuals
  • Extra needles, bobbins, and tools.


Sewing Machine Voltage MOTOR & VOLTAGE: 220 Volt Single Phase;  110 Volt
Sewing Machine Warranty WARRANTY: 1 Year Warranty
Sewing Machine Sale Price SALE PRICE: Contact us at 1-800-228-0001 for pricing, delivery time and set-up options
Sewing Machine Shipping Cost SHIPPING COST: Commercial / Business Address = $295.00

Home / Residential Address = $395.00

Delivery Time DELIVERY TIME: Contact us at 1-800-228-0001 for delivery time
Sewing Machine Parts Manual PARTS MANUAL: Printed copy comes with the machine

JUKI LK-1910 Shape Tacker - Custom Clamps

JUKI LK-1910 Shape Tacker Details

JUKI LK-1910 Shape Tacker Details

JUKI LK-1910 Shape Tacker Details

JUKI LK-1910 Shape Tacker Details

JUKI LK-1910 Shape Tacker Details

JUKI LK-1910 Shape Tacker Details

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